Woah, it's been a while . . . well . . . more like almost a year. I've been seriously busy with many projects on YouTube & School that I never actually have the time to study flash. aha, yes... I'm still studying on that & have been for 2 years. Sadly I only know the basic movements with stick figures. nothing too fancy, aha whoops XD

I'll probably be more serious on studying flash in the late summer when I finish school. I'm currently studying to become a Massage Therapist & learning over 600 muscle is a B@#$!!! but I enjoy it. In fact I love going to school because it's not like high school where help was lacking. I appreciate the people in my school that are helping me, it means a lot.


The NightLight Series, I'm finally continuing my series after many years of delay. I'm continuing Angels Fate chapter that's on DeviantART & continuing from where I left off. I also made a Comic-Movie for Christmas release & just like the 2011 release, it doesn't got nothing to do with christmas even though you'll hear christmas music & stuff. Another cool thing about the 2012 Christmas release is that Kyle Hebert (The Narrator & Voice of Gohan from Dragonball Z) agreed to be part of the christmas special. Glad to have in my LAME but cool special. The special that are on YouTube are side stories & got nothing to do with the actual plot of the NL Series. DeviantART is where you can read up the actual plot & after I finish Angels Fate (the actual final chapter), I'm going to REMAKE the entire series.

For those who don't know, all my comics were deleted from a site that a friend made by a hacker back in 2008. So I lost everything & I do have some of the originals but not the most important part. So this year, I'm going to do like a recap comic-movie only on YouTube but with only Shiro's perspective since he's actually the REAL main character. Some of you who are familiar with my series might be like "woah really? I thought Claus was the main character". yes & no, what I mean by that is that Claus is the main character on the sequel "NightLight Twins" but not really the main character on "The NightLight" because Claus only get focused on when Shiro leave the team (SPOILERS) but returns at the final chapter of NightLight Twins.

ALRIGHT ENOUGH READING! unless you skipped the reading & scrolled down here... good for you ;)

Here are the links of most of my projects:

1) The NightLight: WinterWonderland (Special Guest Kyle Hebert) - <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlfjVyPU7Eg&feat ure=share&list=PL816563E0E5345021>

2) My Voice Over Portfolio/compilation - <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywip29QuPiU>

3) Best of Chatroulette (PIKACHU & LINK) - <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpsF8Jmpsi0>

4) Fruit Basket RANDOM (Kyo, Shigure, & Yuki) - <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnlSsp7QBOA>

5) My YouTube Playlist: <http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL816563E0 E5345021&feature=view_all>


I've also been working on music for my NightLight Series & other series. You can download the soundtrack album here: <http://nightlightteam.webs.com/download>

I would post some of the new songs here but I think that will take some time but then there's the genre because my genre is a bit of ethnic, latin, orchestra, & bit others. So I wouldn't really know what category that should fall under.

You can listen the songs here (1 - 3 were made months ago):

1) The NightLight: WinterWonderland preview part 1 - <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TCTTvD7Jsc>

2) The NightLight: WinterWonderland preview part 2 - <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSjGCdOvHTo>

3) NightLight Twins: Distance Trail - <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KraLuC-1FxE>

4) The NightLight: Shiro's Path (EXCLUSIVE/2013/) - <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=259FtP5fhlU>

[fun fact] - The NightLight series was created in 2002

[DeviantART] - <http://claus1989.deviantart.com/gallery/>


2012-05-07 02:54:21 by claus1989

It's been like a year since I've updated this. SO MUCH has happen within a year but not gonna mention all of it, just a few. Last year my internet was disconnected & couldn't pay the bill on time. So I just cut it for good & at the same time I discovered that I can use my phone as a wifi hotspot. So I can use my phone internet on my computer but here comes a problem. I couldn't go onto newgrounds because i was restricted to go on it. I tried to fix it & no luck, even with the company help... they did the best they could to try to fix it. T-Mobile really sucks & they did nothing more to do to fix the problem, so I was newgroundless for months. 2012 came and i finally connected my internet & logged into newgrounds. this site has changed A LOT when i was gone. I'm still having bit trouble on navigating here but I'll get used to it... sooner or later.

As for the status on my NightLight Twins Movie... well? not so much progress. in fact, I haven't start it at all because of lack of animator. So? I decided to learn flash animation... i learned how to animate, well?... only sticks figures but learning on how to animate with cartoon body is a difficult task. So I just stopped & never got back on studying it. on the plus side, I did a comic animation of my series for a Christmas special which I'll provide a link below. such a big step for me & still proud of it, even though it didn't go as planned with the story

you could view it here (P.S... The story isn't actually related to Christmas): <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYaVtGjCb7I>

I'm also working on a second comic-movie for the summer and sneak peek of 1 enemy from that upcoming project is seen here: <http://fav.me/d4wkkzd>

NOW! one last thing... I am a voice actor & here's my voice demo: <http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/484152>
so if you're interested on my voice then please don't hesitate to ask.

that'll be it for now, Later!

I RETURN & Update APRIL 2011

2011-04-11 02:24:42 by claus1989

It's been almost a year (well? half a year) since my last update here. I've been busy with my personal problems that I never had time to actually work on my NIGHTLIGHT TWINS: FIRST MOVIE. It's just its too difficult to animate while under the lack of motivation. my life hasn't been all that great & dealing with a family member who's diabetic & bipolar (which comes to a result of sudden anger & yelling)... those who knows about diabetic & bipolar probably know what I'm talking about. It's not easy to work under all that. not just that, I haven't been motivated to work on my NLT comic. It's just the passion of drawing & the love for my series has been slipping away from my heart. I created my NightLight Series when I was 13. I love to draw & I would finish a chapter that contains 20 - 30 pages in every month. It was (used to be) the popular comic in my local city, even though it was badly drawn 'cause of my horrible art skill but the story made in an impact on everyone. then High school year came & my series grew & became even more popular that I made a sequel "NIGHTLIGHT TWINS"...

In total I've made 22 BOOKS not chapters... books. each book contains at least 25 - 30 chapter. some of them were lost during the move in 2006 but I still remember them in my head & heart. then in 2007, I've decided to put all my comics in a site that a friend made for me. so I put all my comics on that site which is now gone. then in 2008, a hacker deleted all my comics & I was devastated since I've also lost the originals. So then my motivation started to sink but at that time I've decided to remake them since my art skill improved & remaking them will be easy since the story its in my heart.

NOW, remaking them will be kinda difficult with many problem that I'm dealing BUT IT'S NOT GONNA STOP ME! even though many bullspit kept appearing in front of me, It's not gonna stop me. I'm back & I will return with my series! I will end it & I will continue on what I love. I know I haven't made any announcement about my FIRST NLT MOVIE but the truth is, I'm not very good at animating nor even have the time to study since I don't have the motivation. I intend to learn it later this year on how to animate in FLASH, I know how to animate but its not flash but its not great either cuz it will look fuzzy & blurry when you move it to many times in Imageready

[VOLUNTEERS] - if anyone would like to help me on making THE NIGHTLIGHT TWINS FIRST MOVIE?!? I would be greatful. the more animator the better. if you don't know about my nightlight series? then I'll provide more info further below. I've also want to create a FIGHTING GAME based on my comics. I have all characters, small story, Dialogue (work-in progress), & fighting moves all ready but most of them are still in "work-in Progress" mode. I had the idea on making this into a fighting game since 2008. I just never learned on how to though. that's why I need help, help to make my dream come true since I can't go to college due to my "issue" in my life. I don't want to make a sprite/pixel fighting game (like Battle in Megaville... though its an awesome game) with recoloring characters since I've seen many flash games with that. I want to make original with the same crystal clear art as Castle Crasher 'cause that will show others on how hard we worked & dedication on creating that. If anyone who would want to help me on creating NIGHTLIGHT FIGHTING game. I'll explain more about it to who ever wants to help. I'll also explain more details about the game (if its going to be created, that is) on my blog & facebook.

Thanks for reading this... thanks for your time and consideration


To check out my art & NIGHTLIGHT related go here: <http://claus1989.deviantart.com/>

Voice acting youtube channel: <http://www.youtube.com/user/ReverseSo da>

Main Channel: <http://www.youtube.com/user/claus1989 >

Facebook (please like): <http://www.facebook.com/pages/NightLi ght-Teams/104469779628641>

So long, So Tough, Starting a new page

2010-07-29 23:58:53 by claus1989

It's been a long long long time since I've updated this! so much have been going on with my personal life. Still working on my first NightLight Twins Movie (based on my NightLight Twins Comic). Well? Also starting Later in August or September, I will be holding audition of NightLight Twins. So Voice actors, This is an original work made by me. I will post the link from youtube here, (those of you that actually read this or visit here)

Some people asked me that the Voice Actor/Actress from the movie will be in the series. well? the answer is unfortunately no. The Voice Actors/Actress from the NLT movie will be different from the animation series that will be coming next year (hopefully). I wrote the NLT script in 2008 but been getting distracted with other projects. I wish that the Voice Actor/Actress would stay but some of them already told me that they won't have time to voice the series. but i'm not totally disappointed cuz' that's where YOU guys come in (Voice Actors/Actress). If you want to audition well? you may have to wait after the movie is finally released in late 2011 or mid 2011.

"What's the length of the movie?" Well? Honestly I dunno? At first I wanted to be more than an hour but since i've became extremely busy lately that I guess the length will be disappointingly 30 min or 40 min. but I promise in the future, the second movie will be longer!!!

What have I've been working on? I have been working on Comics, NightLight Twins: Angels Fate (Last chapter or season finally if you want to call it XP), Dennis Heart, & Comic-Movie or Specials for others. but I call them comic-movie cuz' sounds cooler. NightLight Twins: The world of the Seven Kingdom, NLT Galaxy Adventure: The Cosmic Sky Kingdom, & my newest series . . . well? won't revealed that yet till October XP. Well? that's all I've got for this announcement but if you want to follow my update then either go to my Blog (which I barely update lol) or Myspace. I do have facebook but that's for Friends & business only (like collaboration with animators, Voice actors, & others). LATEZ!

Follow my Updates


[Voice Demo Reel Video]
<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhrLAL xiw-0>

<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fj9nii G0Mgo>

Going on a right track

2010-02-17 02:54:18 by claus1989

It's been a year since I wrote something here...I've been busy working on some of my projects lately that I never got the time to update this & let you all know (who ever reading this) what have I been doing. Well? I've been working on my Movie Script & still working on it. As well of my Comics, & Music...I just been mixing loops on a certain programs for my practice.

Okay here's some bad news & good news...the bad news is that a CRUEL HACKER deleted all my comics that i've worked so hard this past 6 years. the good news is that I will remake them again in the future but not this year or next year...well? maybe?...BUT I am going to make a MOVIE Recap of my previous chapters. The NightLight its what is called then in 2005, NightLight Twins became like the "Second season". Now I'm working on History of NightLight & then following NightLight Twins Final Chapter. & a COMIC-MOVIE

As for the flash...I haven't been learning any flash except from imageready (which maybe hard for some people). Flash maybe the best animation program to animated awesome clear movies. BUT i also learned that you can drag the animation that i've worked on in imageready to flash program. that is pretty cool & for me its easy to my projects. since i'm not in college or working...I got plenty of free time on my hands. i'm a fast learner but then again i don't really understand big words...lol..wish me luck! (who ever stumble upon this page)